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Alaska with Disney Cruise Line

The perfect marriage of adventure and family fun is Disney Cruise Line’s sailing through Alaska. Where else can you combine glaciers and amazing Disney service (and don’t forget Mickey!)? Disney really stepped up their cruise game on this trip, both in their excursions and on board service. Here’s a few reasons why I loved traveling to Alaska with Disney Cruise Line.


Glaciers, and Mountains and Mickey, Oh My!

There is virtually no other experience in the world that places Mickey and friends in front of a picturesque mountain landscape. The cruise ship sailed up into Endicott Arm to the beautiful Dawes glacier. While we entered the blue waters of the fjord, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald appeared on deck in traditional Alaskan attire to mingle with guests. This was a great family experience for everyone on board, as well as a wonderful photo opp.


Whale Watching Is An Every Day Activity

I learned from day one to always keep my eyes peeled towards the water, even when wandering around the ship. The aquatic life is ever active, and we were fortunate enough to see multiple orca pods and quite a few humpback whales throughout our journey. From the ship, we saw a humpback whale dive into ocean with a mountainous sunset in the background. Talk about Disney magic.

Open roof whale watching boats are the best way to go for an actual excursion, just make sure to bundle up (and don’t forget sunscreen, too). It is possible to get sunburnt on the boats, even in freezing temperatures.


Breathtaking Views Onboard the Disney Wonder

There is nothing more relaxing than sailing through glaciers and mountain sides, while in the comfort of the Pub onboard Disney Wonder. The ship offers wonderful vantage points, as long as you can find a free window seat.


The Yukon Territory on a Steam Train

My favorite excursion on the trip was this insanely breathtaking railroad excursion. My jaw dropped around every corner. It’s something that pictures will never fully do justice to, but if you ever find yourself in Alaska, the train ride is an absolute must.


Local Alaskan Art

I sound like a broken record in every blog post, but buying local art is something I’m so passionate about. As an artist myself, I always bring home art from the places I travel and not the super touristy pieces). Alaska brought so many unexpected beauties, especially in their traditional art. I found a darling art shop in Skagway where I purchased quite a few pieces, both for myself and for friends. The colors and shapes inspire me so much and I love the perspective and story told in each piece.

I also purchased a one of a kind, hand carved bowl, which I will treasure forever. The artist hand-carved this bowl while out on the water in his canoe, and the store owner knew him personally. I loved this back story, which only made me more excited to purchase this beautiful piece. Be aware that there are many “traditional" looking designs, but most likely aren’t made in the region you’re visiting (some are even made in China). Ask questions in the art galleries and really examine a piece if you’re looking to buy something memorable.


Amazing Disney Service and Dining Experience

Calling the seafood lovers of the world: this trip is 100% for you. The food on this cruise was out of this world. My biggest tip for those considering a Disney cruise: on previous Disney Caribbean sailings, the food and drink are always good, but feel much more family generic. The Alaska sailing works specifically with the local fishing town and fishermen to bring the day’s catch on board. Fresh fish, crab, lobster and shrimp were on the menu every night, but served in very different ways. If you are more of a red meat eater, there are great options for you, as well, you just won’t get as full of a food experience. Every meal tasted so fresh and was served with amazing Disney service from cast members.

Every waiter we had was so personable and charming. They’d get to know your likes and dislikes when it came to dinner and could always help you find the perfect dish.


The desserts were out of the world as well!

There are plenty of other reasons to book an Alaska trip though Disney Cruise line, but I feel the topics discussed in this post were most helpful for me when recommending this trip to friends and family. I hope it was helpful to you as well!

My next post is all about cafes, schnapps and the Sound of Music…any guesses where? Stay tuned!