Christmas at Home


2018 was the year of my first Christmas tree. It sounds silly, but buying a new Christmas tree made my house into a home. The entire “decorating for Christmas” process added the warmth and comfort I had been looking for. I’m now currently trying to figure out how to turn the tree into a Valentine’s tree so I can keep it up even longer.

On top of the joy of decorating, it’s that time of year when family and friends visit more often. Being able to welcome them with something so beautiful warmed my heart, especially when they asked about the ornaments on my tree.

My grandma bought all of these beautiful ornaments in the 1950’s and 1960’s. This year was so special because I got to decorate my tree with each unique one and I thought of her. I thought of what might have been happening in her world in the late 1950’s when she bought these. I thought of the family surrounding her, as she decorated with these ornaments and pulled each piece of tinsel out of the bag. There was something so special about being able to bring them to life again on my tree. It turned into a memory and reminder of the simple things in life that don’t change with the times.

The memories that came with every single ornament box was something I couldn’t put a price on. I hope every year I’m fortunate enough to spend two or three hours decorating my tree with these ornaments. Not because of their beauty, but because of the idea of my grandma decorating her tree with these same ornaments over 50 years ago.

Olivia Strohm