What it's like traveling with Adventures By Disney (So, was Mickey there?)


I get some very puzzled looks when I tell friends and family that I traveled to Eastern Europe with Adventures by Disney. Many assume the experience is like Disney Parks or Disney Cruise Line, where Mickey makes an appearance and you’re surrounded by Disney music, movies, and merchandise. Adventures by Disney takes an entirely different approach and it’s an investment in travel which I can now recommend again and again.

But why is it different? Let’s break it down so you can see why these adventures are so amazing.



Adventure Guides - Disney would never send travelers into the unknown; cold, scared and unprepared. This is why they have the amazing Adventure Guides on every adventure. On our trip (visiting 3 countries on the Danube River) we had 6 adventure guides with us every step of the way. They made sure we were safe, had a plethora of knowledge about the area and always took care of our needs and wants. Need a tip on the local customs or language? They’ve got your back. Need a recommendation for the best bakery in town? They’ll take you there or write out a special map just for your little side adventure. Seriously, anything you can need or want, they help you with. They also served as our tour guides through pre-arranged local site excursions. On our trip, our guides took us through majestic palaces, delicious wine tasting, local dance lessons etc. These guides are AMAZING. Shoutout to Veronika, Katka, Betti, Joshua, George and Daniel! The best guides any traveler could ask for. Their service and willingness to make sure guests had the best trip possible makes all the difference in the world.

The guides even threw Mickey a 90th Birthday Bash in Budapest and all of us mouse-loving adventurers were gifted these adorable buttons. No Mickey didn’t make an appearance, but we did have the best birthday party imaginable for the Main Mouse and in a city I never thought I would be visiting.



It’s not commercial Disney, but pixie dust is around every corner - There were so many experiences throughout the week that were unique to only Adventures by Disney guests. Many places, such as shops, restaurants and even an entire Abbey were closed for the winter season, but Disney was able to talk with local officials and ask them to open their doors just for the Disney adventurers. They also managed to enter places that no other tour groups can get into. Remember the gazebo from Sound of Music? (Let’s all sing “you are 16 going on 17”) Yes, Adventures by Disney can take you there if you visit Austria, even though it’s closed to the public. Special moments like these are once in a lifetime.


There are also other special activities with Adventures by Disney that offer rewards with some extra Disney magic. We had a Goulash cook off in Hungary and at the end, everyone was given an adorable Donald pin for their hard work. And, yes, our team won, so I’m officially a goulash master chef (Just don’t ask me to make it from scratch). This was such a fun team activity and ended in a very tasty meal, not to mention a fun little souvenir to add to the pin collection.

On this trip, we also experienced the same amazing Disney service that the company is known for. Every want and need we had was attended to with such precision and care. Smiling faces were around every corner and every member of the Adventures by Disney team had the most positive attitude every single morning. It was really a joy to experience.


There really is something for everyone - love to hike and adventure outdoors? There’s excursions for you. Want to  relax, enjoy the scenery and taste local cuisine? There’s that, as well. Not going to lie, we did every single excursion offered. It’s tiring, but I’d do the same thing next week if I could. We ventured to 4 Christmas markets in 3 different cities, made Goulash in Hungary, visited palaces in Austria, ate at a cafe, went hiking through salt mines, bought traditional clothing in the Salzburg city center, and drank beer in a special Oktoberfest celebration in Germany (among many other things). There’s a lot packed in and weather permitting, there’s even biking tours through the countryside. There’s many options and you’ll never find yourself slipping into boredom.


I could go on and on about this trip. Adventures by Disney knows the perfect recipe for international travel and the best service imaginable. I can’t wait to book my next adventure with Disney. Who wants to come along?

For those wanting more information, I’ll do a separate blog post on the countries and cities we visited and talk about our trip itinerary and highlights.

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